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Rugs on Net is a carpet dealer and interior design professional service; connecting a select network of quality antique carpet dealers, as well as an array of interior designers and decorators, for ease of access to the perfect piece for the targeted end client. 

Rugs on Net concentrates solely on antique, semi-antique and vintage rugs; preserving these arts as an integral contribution to history and culture, and maintaining the appreciation for woven arts as a valuable (as well as utilitarian) addition to a well designed space. 

 The RON search engine strives to make any carpet easily accessible; from odd or oversized pieces, to rugs with unique shapes or unusual colors.  Whatever difficult rug search comes along becomes easier to fulfill as the RON network continues to grow.  

 If the perfect carpet for your client isn’t already in the database, post a request!  Perhaps the rug you need hasn’t been posted, but is actually right at the tip of your fingers via a supplier on Rugs on Net.



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